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CCR-Lab Receives Funding to Develop Advanced Sensors for Realtime Monitoring and Durability Assessment of Concrete Infrastructure

In a collaborative effort between the Departments of Construction Management and Civil and Environmental Engineering at CSU, the CCR-Lab has received funding from the Data Science Research Institute (DSRI) to develop sensors for the durability assessment and real-time monitoring of concrete infrastructure. This project, led by Dr. Shakouri (PI), Dr. Ziyu Jin (Co-PI), and Dr. Yanlin Guo (Co-PI), aims to leverage sensor technology and artificial intelligence to assess the formation factor of concrete. The formation factor is an important parameter that determines how well concrete infrastructure systems, such as roads and bridges, can resist the ingress of harmful agents like chlorides that cause corrosion in concrete. The current practice of measuring the formation factor is laborious, costly, and requires equipment not readily available to many contractors and testing laboratories. The proposed research seeks to address these challenges by prototyping a novel, wireless sensor that can automatically collect critical data from concrete structures to predict the formation factor and structural health in real time.

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