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UNK First Annual Concrete Frisbee Competition

Date: TBA


To design and create a Frisbee from concrete that is durable and efficient.


Participant Rules

Each team must have at least 2 and no more than 4 members. Members should be students.


General Rules

  1. Portland cement cannot be more than 30% by mass. All reinforcement must be non-metallic mesh. (Carbon fiber and fiberglass mesh can be used.) There is no restriction on the choice of aggregates. No resins or epoxies may be used.

  2. Molds of any form can be used.

  3. Each team is allowed to bring two concrete Frisbees to the competition; however, the team must select one Frisbee to use prior to the beginning of the competition.4.

  4. The Frisbee should be circular in shape, solid, and without any holes. It must be smaller than a 12”x12”x2” box and larger than an 8”x8” box.

  5. No reinforcement can be exposed at the time of the aesthetics judging and precompetition measurements.6.

  6. The Frisbee must be made before the event day. The team is responsible for bringing the Frisbee to the competition location on the day of the competition.

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