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Ph.D. and MSc. Position

Posted date: 5/21

There are two RA positions (one Ph.D. and one MSc.) available in my lab. Interested candidates are welcome to apply. Please send me your CV and sample of your published work in a peer-reviewed journal to

  • Financial assistance for the Ph.D. position is available for two years (including tuition waiver+ stipend).

  • Financial position for the Master's degree is available for one year (including tuition waiver+ stipend).


  1. Research experience in the field of cement and concrete durability

  2. Chemistry background

  3. Statistical Knowledge

  4.  International students should show proof of English fluency (Minimum IELTS 7 or TOEFL 100)

Because of travel restrictions due to Covid, applicants who reside in the US are given a higher priority.

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