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CCR-Lab Receives $110,000 for an Innovative Snow-Melting Geopolymer Concrete Project

Colorado State University and North Dakota State University have received funds from the Center for Transformative Infrastructure Preservation and Sustainability (CTIPS), Region 8 University Transportation Center for a project aimed at creating a new type of geopolymer concrete that melts snow while minimizing environmental harm. This project is led by Dr. Shakouri from CSU and Dr. Mijia Yang from NDSU. Their focus is on making winter roads safer and more sustainable in the Midwest's severe cold weather regions by avoiding traditional salt-based deicing methods, which harm concrete pavements.

This one-year project addresses the need for better snow and ice management techniques in the harsh winter climates of the Midwest's northern and mountainous regions, avoiding the drawbacks of traditional chloride-based salts that degrade concrete pavements. By incorporating innovative materials like graphene nanoplatelets and recycled landfilled fly ash, the research aims to create a conductive concrete capable of generating heat to melt snow without the environmental downsides of salt-based deicers.

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