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CCR-Lab Receives Slag Cement Association's Research Project of the Year Award

Ph.D. Candidate Mohammad Teymouri receiving the 2022 best research project award.

The Slag Cement Association has recognized the CCR-lab project "Effect of pH on Desorption of Bound Chlorides in Cement Pastes Containing Granulated Blast-Furnace GGBFS" as the best research project of 2022. The project was funded by the Concrete Research Council (CRC) and the award was presented to the research team (Dr. Shakouri, Principal Investigator, and Mr. Teymouri, PhD Candidate) at the Spring American Concrete Convention held in San Francisco on April 2-5, 2023. The project aimed to investigate the kinetics of chloride desorption in ordinary Portland cement (OPC) pastes blended with ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBFS) when exposed to a low-pH environment, which is often overlooked. The study found that the order of cation influence on chloride desorption in both OPC and GGBFS-blended pastes was Mg > Ca > Na, and that GGBFS increased the chloride binding capacity of paste samples and their resistance to chloride desorption compared to their OPC counterparts. These findings emphasize the significance of pH, cation, and paste composition in assessing the extent of chloride desorption.

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