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CCR-Lab receives a grant to study the application of IOT in monitoring corrosion in bridges

As a result of corrosion, the electric potential of the steel in concrete drops significantly. Therefore, monitoring the potential of the steel in concrete can provide owners and facility managers with indispensable information to control and maintain the health and safety of the structures. Currently, taking samples from the concrete structure to assess the chloride content or continuous measurement of the steel potential in concrete is costly and

labor intensive.

Taking potential measurements to assess the severity of corrosion in the concrete bridge.

This project that is done in collaboration with Dr. Angela Hollman (PI) from the Department of Cyber Systems and Dr. Said Abushamleh from the Department of Physics looks at overcoming the barriers facing secure data transmission and noise reduction in the infrastructure systems. The objective of this project is to prototype a sensor that can be embedded in the concrete for continuous data collection. This project is funded at $183,000 for the duration of two years by the UNK Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Development.

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