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CCR-Lab Member Mohammad Teymouri Receives a Prestigious Fellowship from PCA

Mr. Mohammad Teymouri, Ph.D. candidate, received a prestigious 2023 fellowship from the Portland Cement Association. Mr. Teymouri, along with his Ph.D. advisor, Dr. Shakouri, will investigate how chemical admixtures affect the short-term and long-term properties of concrete made with Type IL cement. The research team also includes Ms. Nicole Dufalla from the University of Virginia, who is chairing the Standing Committee on Properties of Concrete and Constituent Materials at the Transportation Research Board.

Project Synopsis

The available literature on the effect of admixtures on Type IL cement-based concrete is limited and shows inconsistent results. Previous studies have found that the physical, mechanical, and structural properties of Portland limestone cement (PLC) concrete were significantly affected by the content of polycarboxylate-based superplasticizers, and the recommended water-reducing admixture dosages provided by producers for blended PLC concrete often require significant adjustments. In addition, water-repellent admixtures were reported to influence the chemo-physical behavior of limestone cement mortars, specifically delaying the hydration process.

The overarching aim of this research is to determine the causes of variations in concrete properties resulting from the use of Type IL cement and admixtures and propose a solution to decrease these variations and improve the consistency of the mixes.

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