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A Collaborative & Diverse Group

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Hello, I’m Bharath. I’m a graduate student at Colorado State University specializing in Construction Management. I am currently working under Prof. Dr. Shakouri as a graduate research assistant with a focus on the reusability of landfilled fly ash. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Civil engineering in the year 2020 at Amrita University, Coimbatore, India. During my undergrad, I published 5 research papers that were based on Concrete Technology & Treatment of Pharmaceutical wastes, I received a special appreciation award from ACC Cements (2018), Coimbatore, and the “Excellent Young Researcher Award” by USMCA -2018 (Urban Safety of Mega Cities in Asia) for my research on Sustainable Concrete. Apart from academics, I have also been responsible for assisting the Civil Engineering department at Amrita University in conducting various technical fests pertaining to Civil Engineering. I also enjoy exercising, cooking, and reading fiction books during my leisure time. I aspire to make significant contributions in the field of building sustainability so that I give a better world to future generations.

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